The Chinese Medical Journal paper, 1979

This must be about the most famous artemisinin paper ever. It really brought the artemisinin discovery to the world's attention, not least because it was written in English.

Professor Nick White, who pioneered the clinical use of artemisinin in Thailand, waxes lyrical about when he first saw the paper.

The Chinese published it in the December 1979 issue of the Chinese Medical Journal - again under an anonymous authorship, so we have no idea who wrote it.

I'm not going to reproduce the paper here; what interests me most are the paper's references, published in Chinese. So before I get on with any more discussion, I want to post up a translation.

1. Ma Wang Dui Han Tomb Study Group. Ma Wang Dui Han Tomb Excavation Medical Book Translation [Explanation?] (2nd). Wu Shi Er Bing Fang [Fifty-two Prescriptions]. Report 9:42, 1975.

2. Wei Dynasty. Wu Pu. Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing [The Divine Farmer's Materia Medica]. Volume 3. Page 103. Shang Wu Publisher, 1955.

3. Jin Dynasty. Ge Hong. Zhou Hou Bei Ji Fang [Handy Therapies for Emergencies]. Volume 3. Page 44. Ren Min Wei Sheng Publisher, 1956.

4. Sheng Ji Zong Lu [General Record Commissioned by Sagely Benefaction]. Volume 36. Page 724. Ren Min Wei Sheng Publisher, 1962.

5. Yuan Dynasty. Zhu Zhen Xiang. Dan Xi Xin Fa [The Heart and Essence of Dan-Xi's Methods of Treatment?]. Volume 4. Page 47. Shanghai Science and Technology Publisher, [1955?].

6. Ming Dynasty. Zhu Su. Pu Ji Fang [Prescriptions for Universal Benefaction]. Volume 197. Page 2755. Ren Min Wei Sheng Publisher, 1955.

7. Ming Dynasty. Li Shizhen. Ben Cao Gang Mu [The Great Pharmacopoeia]. Volume 15. Page 13. Shang Wu Book Publisher, 1955.

8. Qing Dynasty. Wu Ju Tong. Wen Bing Tiao Bian [Systematic Discourse on Warm Diseases?]. Volume 2. Page 169. Chinese Medicine [Publisher?], 1955.

9. Coordinating Group for Research on the Structure of Qinghaosu. A new type of sesquiterpene lactone - qinghaosu. Ke Xue Tong Bao 22:142, 1977.

10. China Science Biophysics Institute, Qinghao Structure Group. Absolute crystal structure of qinghaosu. Waiting to be published.

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