Milutin Stefanovic and Artemisinin 青蒿素

The next artemisinin reference I've found came out in 1975. In a short note submitted to the journal Phytochemistry on 6 February 1975 and published later that year, Stefanovic mentions a chemical he calls "arteannuin A". The note itself is, unfortunately, not about arteannuin A, but another, unrelated, chemical found in Artemisia annua.

But what's interesting is the reference attached to the arteannuin A, which I've scanned here. The first part cites the New Delhi abstract. The second part is more tantalizing: "full experimental data will be published soon." Alas, Stefanovic never published that data. In my view, a mistake of historic proportions because of course "arteannuin A" is artemisinin.

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